On Self-Promotion, Because Damnit I’m Proud Of Myself

I hate giving readings.

Know how some people hate eating their vegetables? That’s how much I hate giving readings. The anticipation! The anxiety! It’s just too much. But I’m a writer (or something) so I do it. I loathe the day for weeks leading up but if I want anyone other than the voices in my head to have a gander at my writing, I gotta do it – or so I’ve been told.


From the launch: l’appel du vide¬†alongside Cecily Nicholson’s From The Poplars.

I’m happy to report that the Vancouver launch of my poetry chapbook l’appel du vide went swimmingly. I didn’t throw up. I didn’t forget what I needed to say. I didn’t care whether I was reading with something stuck between my teeth because I was too wrapped up in the excitement of sharing these poems with the warm and wonderful crowd. Look, Ma, I’m growing up!

For any folks in Vancouver who missed the launch, there are now a few copies available at People’s Co-Op Bookstore and Spartacus Bookstore. For those outside of Vancouver, the publisher Porkbelly Press has copies available for direct sale from their site. Grab them while you can! ‘Cause if you don’t, I might need to do another reading and lawd have mercy my little anxious heart just might explode from sheer dread. Help a sista out and grab these suckers if you can?

Speaking of publications, I have a few literary updates to share:

Sou’wester (Edwardsville, US) recently published my story “Wreck”, which is an excerpt from my short story collection. Check out my publications page to learn more about “Wreck”, or wander over to Sou’wester’s website to pick up a copy for yourself.


HYSTERIA: A Collection of Feminisms (London, UK) excerpted three poems from my chapbook l’appel du vide. HYSTERIA’s a great organization. I’ve partnered with them before. Check out their site if ya wanna learn more!

All right. Okay. I have done my authorly duty. I feel incredibly awkward and exposed being so forthright, but I’m proud of myself! Take a closer look at what I’ve listed above. Perhaps after reading, you’ll be proud of me too.